iBuild Contributes To National Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainability Initiatives – Important Matters

iBuild Building Solutions was invited to take part in the annual sustainability initiatives, 2017 Sustainable House Day, which ran on the 17th of September.

The nationwide event allowed visitors a chance to see homes that have been built or renovated with sustainability features. iBuild hosted two group tours by interested community members, in close collaboration with City of Monash and Eastern Innovation Business Centre.

iBuild co-founder, Jackson Yin, said the event was a great opportunity for the company to educate the community on how to build a sustainable home at a lower cost.

“As a company, iBuild believes in the importance of environmentally-friendly and sustainable homes,” Mr Yin said.

iBuild Environmental Engineering Intern, Hillary Wu, said that she was proud to be a part of a company that embraces sustainability.

“I look forward to helping iBuild to incorporate more sustainability elements into future iBuild designs, and educate the community about sustainability in their own homes,” Ms Wu said.

Visitors were also invited to inspect the display home, located outside of iBuild’s head office in Mulgrave. The display home has many sustainable features including:

  • A NatHERS 7-Star Energy Rating
  • Recyclable & reusable packaging & structural materials
  • Environmentally-friendly termite resistant timber
  • 100% natural Australian-made timber cladding with a zero-carbon footprint

Mr Yin also said that the company is adding solar panels on the roof of the display home as a means of generating energy.

A Proud Host of Sustainable House Day Events

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