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Tahiti, otherwise known as paradise on earth, is an ideal destination for family holidays, newlywed honeymoons and outdoor activity enthusiasts. Landscapes vary from high volcanic islands to low coral atoll; inner valleys with cascading waterfalls and exotic plants. The tropical climate offers rich natural resources for crops, whilst warm Tahitian lagoons cultivate Tahiti’s highly praised pearl farms. If you believe owning a Kit Home Tahiti on this multicultural island with breathtaking scenery is only a dream, think again! Whether it be building a holiday home, expanding your dwelling, or tourist accommodations, iBuild has something to offer.

Kit Homes Tahiti are constructed to meet a 6-star energy rating minimum, which helps save energy and contribute to environmental sustainability. iBuild takes account of Tahitian environmental factors that impact on the life expectancy of a house. Our Kit Homes Tahiti can be custom-made to a ‘C4’ cyclone resistance rating, ensuring products can resist harsh weather conditions including Tahiti’s gust wind of up to 320 km/h, violent thunderstorms and harsh sunlight. Additionally, insulated wall and roof panels keep the home cool during summer and warm in the winter. At iBuild, we offer both steel and timber frames, therefore, our clients have the flexibility to pick based on their preferred design and environmental factors.

iBuild has a wide range of Kit Home and Modular Home designs to cater to different household sizes. Furthermore, Kit Homes Tahiti can be tailored to your needs. We strive to help clients build their desired home hence design adjustments can be done on request. At iBuild we pride ourselves on creating high-quality products in a faster and more affordable way. Visit our website for more information on Kit Homes and Modular Homes or join us at our OFI Events for a tour at our display centre and potential private consultations with our experienced team. For more information, please contact us.

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