NeoFab Prefabricated Modular Homes

The Innovative NeoFab

Introducing the NeoFab, iBuild’s latest innovative design. It is not only innovative but establishes itself as the one drawing the line itself in this ever-innovative industry.

NeoFab’s prefabricated structure is first assembled as complete two units. They are later transported as a whole to your site which is ready to be dropped into place right away.

This innovation allows for us at iBuild to integrate rapid deployment to your future projects.

Hence, the NeoFab process eases the majority of the long and costly on-site construction process which often bogs down a construction project.

Furthermore, this design excels at being a stylish and elegant home along with the benefits of iBuild’s array of modular homes. The NeoFab creates a spacious living area and fills it with generous natural lighting. It also exhibits an easy-on-the-eye wooden finish exterior.

iBuild’s principle is to make all of our designs customisable, The NeoFab can be tailored according to your needs be it commercial or your personal project.

“Towards Home” Initiative

In collaboration with the Victorian Government, the innovative and smart looking NeoFab was recently contracted to establish six modular homes for our “Towards Home” Initiative

This social project is aimed towards housing some of Melbourne’s most vulnerable population, giving them a place to call their own. Assisting and helping the vulnerable population falls directly with one of our core values at iBuild.

The iBuild is extremely grateful to be selected for “Towards Home” initiative by the Victorian government.

Hence, it enables us to be innovative and socially responsible organization.

About iBuild

Our latest offering from iBuild is built on the perfect balance of cutting edge style and simplicity.

iBuild’s main aim and focus are towards providing Stronger, Smarter, Faster and more affordable housing solutions worldwide.

Be it Modular or Kit homes, all of our products strive to match our core values.

Learn more about this initiative by visiting the Victorian Government page and choose us to be your innovative and sustainable home provider.

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