A determined property investor to help iBuild clients

A Determined Property Investor

iBuild Customer Advisor Susanne Kendall is a mum of 3 small kids, and a determined  property investor.

We recently interviewed her. We started with asking Susanne to tell us a little bit of herself.

Susanne said: “I recently joined iBuild. My experience is within real estate and property, and a couple of other fields, but mainly property and real estate. So I’m very interested in construction and developing my own portfolio as well as helping others achieve their dream house, or you know potentially maybe along the investment side of things.”

We asked Susanne how she could help her clients.

“I built many houses. So I’ve got an understanding of the construction process. I’m also doing some developments as well. So I feel it can help clients down the right path and making the right choices for their projects”. Susanne said.

“Tha’ts fantastic!” we continued with the last question. “What else do you do on your spare time?”

She laughed. “my spare time involves three small children and a husband that works full-time, and I suppose it’s not a hobby it’s really a side business, is the properties, the investing. So any spare time I have between the kids and the family is spent on investing and developing our goals and meeting them and, yeah, trying to obviously increase our wealth.”


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