5 Easy Tips To Becoming An Owner Builder

Becoming an owner builder is a great way to save thousands of dollars on your new home.

At this video interview, iBuild’s Customer Advisor, Sam Jankevics provides 5 easy tips to becoming an owner builder.

What’s so good about becoming an owner builder?

 The main benefits of becoming an owner builder is the cost savings like

How much experience does a person need to have to become owner builder

Sam said: “I had absolutely no experience in any sort of building I mean sure I could use a screwdriver to open a screw and close
the screw and things like that but i had no experience whatsoever in building or anything like that when I took my owner builder’s permit.  The wonderful thing about an owner builder course they teach you everything you need to know.

If you had one secret to give about Owner Builder, what would that be?

Take your education seriously first thing on site and the other secret is to take your time and just be diligent double-check everything check all your tradesmen. Check all of the things that are you buying. Check regulations. Check your insurance just be

What are some of the common problem that people experience in owner builder

From chatting to other people the most common problem I’ve found is that people have problems with their trades and that can
be avoided by making sure you know about your treatment so checking up on your tradesmen. If you’re talking to an
electrician I mean there’s an electricians board or an electricians registration place bring them up and see if they’ve got
recommendations of electricians or good plumbers, so do your homework check up on your trades and see how good they are
if you’re talking to an electrician, asking for recommendations asking if there’s anybody that would recommend him
of other people he’s worked with was easy.

Some people might think that it all sounds too good to be true. Is there any catch with being an owner builder?

It sounds too good to be true and the only catch is that it’s up to you to do the excess work which means it’s up to
you to be diligent and it’s your time and your effort to save the money so you have to coordinate the trades to make
sure they’re on me; it’s you that has to make sure you’ve got your insurance paid. It’s you that has to make sure that everybody knows that occupational health and safety that is the catch.

If you consider that a catch it is, but for the amount of money saved, it’s not really a catch right…

Where can people find more information about owner Builder?

We have some information on our website about owner builder. For more info, please visit https://ibuildbuildingsolutions.com/owner-builder/


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