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If you’re planning on building your dream home in Western Australia then becoming an owner builder with iBuild is the way to go. Our step-by-step guide will assist you through every step of the process. Whether you’re a seasoned builder or completely new to the process, our comprehensive guide offers essential information about owner building in WA.

1.Licensing and Permit Requirements

a. Before commencing any owner builder work, you must obtain an owner builder approval from DMIRS. This ensures that you meet the necessary criteria and are aware of your obligations.
b. An owner builder approval is required for any construction work with a value exceeding $20,000 (including labor and materials).
c. For any electrical, plumbing, and gas fitting work, licensed professionals must be engaged to perform the tasks.
d. It is essential to check if your property has any planning restrictions or special conditions that may affect your building project.

2.Planning and Building Approvals

a. Consult your local council or shire to determine if you need development approval or a building permit before starting your project.
b. Submit the required documentation, including detailed plans, specifications, and engineering details, to the local council or a private building surveyor for assessment and approval.
c. Building permits must be obtained before commencing any construction work.

3.Insurance and Indemnity

a. As an owner builder, you are responsible for obtaining the appropriate insurance coverage for your project. This may include construction works insurance, public liability insurance, and home indemnity insurance.
b. Home indemnity insurance is mandatory for owner builders selling their property within seven years of completing the project.

4. Workplace Safety

a. As the owner builder, you have the primary duty of care for the health and safety of all workers and visitors to the construction site.
b. Familiarize yourself with the Occupational Safety and Health Act and Regulations to ensure compliance with safety requirements.
c. Implement appropriate safety measures, including providing suitable personal protective equipment, ensuring safe access and egress, and maintaining a hazard-free work environment.
d. Consult the DMIRS and Safe Work Australia websites for comprehensive information on workplace safety requirements.

5.Completion and Certification

a. When construction is complete, engage a registered building surveyor to inspect and certify that the work complies with relevant regulations and standards.
b. Obtain a Certificate of Building Compliance (CBC) or a Certificate of Construction Compliance (CCC) from the building surveyor, as required by your local council.
c. Keep all relevant documentation, including warranties, certificates, and compliance documents, as they may be required for future purposes, such as property sales.

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