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Modular Build for Ballarat Aged Care Facility

We at iBuild Building Solutions strive to cater to our clients’ individual needs. iBuild has been involved in the design, manufacturing, and assembly to deliver the Ballarat Aged Care Facility Expansion project. The aim of the project is to expand the original facility to a much larger capacity with more appropriate facilities.

The new Ballarat Aged Care Facility is a double story building with a 56-bed capacity, while the structure’s floor area spans across a total of 2500 square meters.

One main constraint of the project was to minimise any potential disturbance to the existing residents, whilst maintaining the serenity of surrounding greenery. As a result, a modular build approach was able to commence without any major disturbances caused to the residents’ safety.

For Stage 1 of this project, a total of 16 modules have been manufactured in 2 months at iBuild’s factory in Somerton, Victoria. The subsequent onsite assembly was completed within a short period of 1-month, which compares very favourably with a typical 1 year onsite construction for a traditional building method. 

Throughout this project, high performance fiberglass window frames, glazing systems and other sustainable features, have been harnessed, as part of iBuild endeavours to achieve high levels of sustainability in line with our values.

As with all our projects, we endeavour to provide our customers with products that are stronger, faster, smarter and cheaper.


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