Experts Share: iBuild Co-founder recognised on SME Panel

iBuild Co-founder shares their secret to success

iBuild Co-founder, Jackson Yin, recently was invited to participate in Melbourne University’s SME Panel, as part of the 2019 Professionals Skills Series, as an expert panel member.

The panel hosted five industry leaders within their fields to hear the intricacies of working within a SME in Australia. Providing anecdotal evidence and expert experience, Jackson was able to showcase the story of distinction and reputation regarding how iBuild has become a leader in the kit homes and prefabricated buildings supplier industry.

Growing your businesses within a competitive and established market will always have its challenges – providing cost effective, innovative, and quality solutions has been a driving force for iBuild to become an industry leader. – Jackson Yin, Managing Director

The panel consisted of the following experts and leaders within their industries:

  • Jackson Yin, Managing Director, iBuild
  • Razali Mohammed, CTO and Co-founder, Alerte Digital Health Group
  • Yifeng Chen, Founder and CEO, Darkspede
  • Danni Sevas, Head of Graduate Recruitment and Employee Relations, Alex Solutions
  • Rajneil Raj, Agile Coach, RecordPoint

Keeping a strong relationship with strong and respected Universities such as Melbourne University, iBuild has been offering students a proven platform to launch their careers through internships that have been recognised and commended by local authorities for enhancing employability, with the opportunity to develop new skills, experience new challenges, and make a strong impact on the success of the organisation.

iBuild’s Internship Program aims to develop employable skills in a variety of disciplines including but not limited to: Business, Marketing, Accounting, Information-Technology, and Engineering.

Showcasing UniMelb SME Panel

iBuild Internship Program

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