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How to Become an Owner Builder ACT

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If you’re planning to build a home in ACT, iBuild can help you become an owner builder with ease. Our Owner Builder step-by-step guide for ACT provides essential information on being an owner builder in ACT, including the role of the ACT Government. With this comprehensive guide and an iBuild kit home, you will have all the resources you need to become an owner builder in ACT.

1. Check eligibility

Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria to be an owner builder in the ACT. Typically, owner builders must intend to build or renovate a residential dwelling for personal use and must not intend to sell or rent the property within one year of completion.

2.Prepare a construction plan

Engage an architect, draftsperson, or building designer to help you prepare a detailed construction plan. Ensure the project meets all building codes and regulations. It should include architectural drawings, engineering details, and any other required documentation.

3. Obtain necessary permits

Contact your local council and the ACT Planning and Land Authority (ACTPLA) to obtain the permits needed for your building project. These may include development approvals, building approvals, and any other permits required. Ensure compliance with planning and building regulations.

4. Apply for an owner builder license

Apply for an owner builder license to Access Canberra. Provide required documentation, including your construction plan, insurance certificates, and evidence of eligibility. Pay applicable fees.

5. Insurance

Obtain owner builder construction insurance and public liability insurance to protect against risks and liabilities during construction. Ensure you have appropriate coverage for your project.

6. Engage professionals

If needed, engage qualified professionals such as structural engineers, surveyors, and energy efficiency assessors to assess and certify various aspects of your project.

7.Construction and supervision

Undertake or supervise the construction work according to approved plans and relevant building regulations. Maintain a safe working environment and comply with occupational health and safety requirements.

8. Inspections

Arrange inspections at various stages of the construction process as required by your local council and the ACTPLA, such as foundation, framing, waterproofing, and final inspections.

9. Completion

Once construction is complete, engage a building certifier or surveyor to inspect the final works and issue a certificate of occupancy or compliance. This certification is essential for the occupation or use of the building.

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