The 4th Modular Construction and Pre-Fabrication ANZ 2019 Conference

Future of Modular Construction in ANZ

The 4th Modular Construction and Pre-Fabrication ANZ 2019 conference was a 3-day event that took place from 4th – 6th March in Melbourne. The conference highlights the Industry’s best practices with new innovative techniques and technology. This strengthens and enhances the adoption of modular construction methodology within the ANZ construction industry today.

With the presence of prominent individuals within the modular & pre-fabrication industry, iBuild’s founder and CEO Jackson Yin was part of the panel discussion amongst other important delegates within the industry. iBuild was also a part of the 3rd Modular Construction Conference in ANZ where we as a company had showcased the modular age care project in Ballarat.

The pre-conference overlooked at the construction technology automation & innovation showcase which highlighted 3D printing for Modular Construction; Robotics bricklaying, welding, and concrete dispensing; Latest development in new automation technologies and adoption of new construction systems by the labor force.

The conference features Hickory Building systems and other case studies. Emphasis on how prefabrication is the next step towards the Victoria education infrastructure for schools, early childhood, and universities in order to prepare for 175,000 students in 2030.

The current modular industry from a builders perspective according to Jamie Coe(Business Development Manager – Hutchinson Builders) is estimated to rise at AUD 2.7 billion per year. Our CEO at iBuild, Jackson Yin was part of a panel that evaluated the new challenges and opportunities in prefabs in both ANZ and outside and what steps should be taken in order to achieve the necessary change.

At iBuild, we are delighted and determined to contribute to an important national conference on Modular construction and pre-fabrication. Through participating in the panel discussion with prominent firms such as Hickory Group, Rothelowman Architects, Master Builder Victoria and Victorian Building Authority; we have demonstrated on how iBuild can provide meaningful insights to the challenges for modular construction.

Thanks to the success of the event, iBuild has created and maintained an important presence in the innovative modular construction Industry and will enable us to create more products in both the commercial and residential sectors.


iBuild Modular conference ANZ 2019
iBuild Modular construction conference ANZ 2019

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