iBuild Internships Lead To Engineering Students Successes at Melbourne University

Meaningful internships lead to student success! The University of Melbourne published an article on their website on the 17th of November 2020, recognising the value of iBuild’s internship program to the successes of students at Melbourne School of Engineering.

Employable Skills with Industry Relevance

iBuild designed the internship program with the intention of supporting future professionals.

“Being at the forefront of innovation in the construction industry, throughout our internship program, we at iBuild are providing valuable experiences to our future industry leaders.” 

Integrated Learning with Flexibility

The hands-on nature of these internships is a great benefit for students going on to do great things, allowing students to develop their work-ready skills in a program built around their needs.

Knowledge is power and for them to be able to contribute towards core aspects of business while learning from others, enables them to bring forward a more dynamic experience for their future careers.

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