Meet iBuild team member Suraj Upreti

Suraj shares his secret to success

Introducing Suraj, the IT intern at iBuild Building Solutions.

Suraj worked as an IT administrative for three months at iBuild, as part of a Master of Information Technology and Business Information Systems at Monash University. He worked on projects involving ICT support, created backups, secured the company’s https site, and helped create the development website among other tasks.

Suraj was able to learn many things during his journey at the company, in addition to facing and overcoming any challenges that arose. One such challenge emerged at the beginning of his internship and involved communication with his supervisor, Jackson Yin. As Jackson is the company director, his high demand resultantly meant Suraj had to develop communication skills with others in the organisation to complete his assigned tasks. Suraj was able to easily adapt to this and began liaising with interns from various other departments, such as marketing and finance, as well as project manager, Jayden Savannah. He discovered that collaborating with a diverse range of team members allowed him to develop a greater and more in-depth understanding of iBuild and its proceedings.

Ultimately, Suraj was able to work on his own and would like to thank iBuild for the opportunity to complete projects which improved his skills necessary for not only IT, but other business practices.

Suraj’s interview elaborates further and provides an outline of his experience with the organisation.


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