Meet iBuild team member Carla Massaria

Carla Massaria The Communications And Media Intern

Introducing Carla, the Media & Communications intern at iBuild Building Solutions.

Carla was an intern at iBuild for two months and in that time she attended numerous business strategy meetings in regards to the recent ABC Coverage of iBuild. From this, Carla developed a strong press strategy to maximise the potential reach and circulation of this publicity.

I was able to develop myself professionally in a practical business environment.

Carla was able to easily adapt to this and began liaising with interns from various other departments, such as marketing and finance, as well as project manager, Jayden Savannah. She discovered that collaborating with a diverse range of team members allowed her to develop a greater and more in-depth understanding of iBuild and its proceedings.

Carla would like to thank iBuild for the opportunity to complete projects which improved her skills necessary for not only communications, but other business practices also.

Carla’s interview elaborates further and provides an outline of her experience with the organisation.


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