Rewarding Excellence: Monash Celebration Of Excellence Awards


About Monash Celebration of Excellence Awards

iBuild is now a proud sponsor of Monash Business School that inspires and reflects the importance of students’ Monash education. iBuild joins the likes of the amount of the big company to support Monash University’s brightest graduates and future leaders.

Monash Business School Excellence Award celebrates graduates who are creating a positive impact on the world through outstanding professional offerings.

Furthermore, this showcase event not only recognizes and acknowledges the outstanding efforts of students but also the staff and alumni. In 2017, Monash introduced a special award for the alumni, recognizing alumni achievement award.  Other awards include Dean’s Awards for research, teaching and professional excellence, and the awards for highest achieving graduates.

Monash Business Awards is at the end of May each year. Held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC).

Our Commitment

At iBuild, we hire dedicated and hardworking interns from different universities. Experiencing first hand, the efforts and impact the students try to have on the organizations.

iBuild together with Monash commits to support a gift for the highest achieving undergraduate/postgraduate student for International Business. To reward and encourage the students’ incredible effort, the course award prize includes a $1,000 gift to support their ongoing career quest.

In the same way, we at iBuild are delighted to take this opportunity to reward and connect with the students, alumni, and staff. Moreover, this event produces the relationship between us and Monash University become stronger. Under those circumstances, iBuild has placed the logo right next to Telstra and Mercedes Benz.

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