iBuild Co-founder Featured in Five up-and-coming entrepreneurs to watch

iBuild Co-founder Jackson Yin has been featured in an article “five up-and-coming entrepreneurs to watch” published by ShortPress.  Delivering news, features, opinion, expert advice and industry insights across innovation, leadership, marketing, technology and finance, ShortPress inspires business confidence and personal success.

In this article, it is mentioned that Australian entrepreneurs are among the world’s most innovative and competitive. They have shunned quiet corporate careers for the ups and downs of trying to make it big in the business world.

These five up-and-coming entrepreneurs are heading up some of Australia’s most exciting startups. If you haven’t already heard of them, you soon will.

Australia’s ever-increasing real estate prices have caused much handwringing among economists and homebuyers. Enter iBuild – an Australian startup selling flatpack homes and disrupting the real estate industry.

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