Channel 9 News Features iBuild Lekofly Flat Pack Homes

Channel 9 News has aired a story about iBuild’s 7 Star Lekofly flat-pack homes on 16 March 2016.

In the Channel 9 TV news story “Flat-pack properties might be the key to easing the housing affordability crisis”, it reports that a Melbourne company has designed a home that can be constructed in just seven days.

Described as IKEA of building, the flat pack properties are manufactured overseas, then shipped here, as Channel 9 reporter Laura Spurway explains. “Experts say that they could ease housing affordability crisis. The flat-pack houses are designed locally and manufactured in China. They have steel frames and 7-star energy rating, fire rated, and termite resistant. They are also environmentally friendly.”

“They are just like mixing legos together – they are super fast.” iBuild Director Jackson Yin was quoted. “They are recyclable. These materials are very sustainable because they are steel frames.”

The news story also interviewed Peter Sim, one of iBuild’s customers who snapped one up. “It’s great. What they can do in 7 days and how they look like, you would not know the difference”

Peter saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by opting in a flat-pack 4-bedroom home. “What it comes down to is affordability. To build a house nowdays is quite expensive.” Peter said.

Once the flat-pack arrives from China, local builders could assemble the house. They can be built nation wide. Real Estate agents say it is an affordable solution, particularly for retirees and first home buyers. Geoff White of Real Estate Institute of Victoria commented: “If the quality is there, they are going to look at it, no doubt. Every dollar counts.”

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