Meet iBuild Intern Henry Huang

Intern Henry unlocks hidden capabilities

The great American writer Norman Vincent Peale once said, “we are all capable of greater things than we realise”.

Engineering and finance intern Henry Huang came to this realisation after completing a 4-week placement at iBuild Building Solutions.

The Monash University student greatly improved his self-confidence whilst discovering hidden capabilities and skills in engineering, finance and teamwork.

“During my internship at iBuild I learnt that you can do more than you really thought you are capable of,” Henry said.

Over the course of the internship, Henry successfully applied his theoretical knowledge in engineering and finance towards real-world applications.

Working closely with iBuild engineers and project managers, Henry learnt how to use modelling softwares AutoCAD and Revit to design pre-fabricated kit homes and modular buildings. Using his finance background, Henry was able to estimate costs for Transpack models. Overall, the internship was a great environment for Henry to grow and learn as a student intern.

“I found the innovative nature of iBuild to be the perfect place in terms of incorporating these different degrees (engineering and finance) together,” he said.


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