RACV Royal Auto Magazine Interviews iBuild Director

RACV feature iBuild in granny flat ion article

In its February-Mach 2019 issue, RACV Royal Auto Magazine interviewed iBuild executive director Jackson Yin,  in an article entitled Why Victoria is lagging on granny flats . The article addresses the restrictive nature of current granny flat regulations in Victoria and the resulting untapped potential of the granny flat market in Victoria.

Victorian regulations require granny flats to be solely occupied by a prior nominated individual dependent on the resident of the house; typically a dependent relationship is evidenced through a family relationship. Once this individual passes away or moves out, the unit must be removed. Additionally, Victorian regulations deem leasing out such units to be illegal. Planning requirements for a granny flat are also subject to local council regulations

At iBuild we are optimistic that the Victorian Government will adapt their regulations to catch up with the rest of the nation and make them more friendly towards granny flat ownership.

iBuild executive director Jackson Yin informed RACV that the present strict regulations of Victoria mean that iBuild sell five times as many granny flats in NSW in comparison to Victoria. Jackson Yin suggested to RACV that relaxing these regulations would cause an increase in availability of affordable housing for rent in Victoria.

RACV go on to highlight the benefits of granny flats as living spaces, describing them as eco and DIY friendly. RACV continue by consulting with other various experts related to urban spacing, the housing industry and concludes with a grandmother, Virginia, explaining how her granny flat has brought her closer to her grandchild.

To access the original article on the RACV website, click here.

Victoria Strict on Granny Flats

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