Kit Homes South Pacific

Kit Homes Tahiti

Kit Homes Tahiti

Kit Homes Tahiti are constructed to meet a 6-star energy rating minimum, which helps save energy and contribute to environmental sustainability. iBuild takes account of Tahitian environmental factors that impact on the life expectancy of a house.

Kit Homes Solomon Islands

Kit Homes Solomon Islands

Explore your opportunity to build and realise your very own kit homes Solomon Islands today! iBuild’s wide range of kit homes, modular homes and granny flats helps you find the perfect home to complement your unique tastes.

Kit Homes Samoa

Kit Homes Samoa

At iBuild, we can transform your fantasy into a reality by offering you a range of high quality kit homes and modular homes in your chosen location of Samoa.


Kit Homes Vanuatu

Imagine building your dream home on an island with pristine beaches, lush tropical vegetation, crystal-clear waters and beautiful coral reefs. At iBuild, we offer you the opportunity to build your very own dream kit homes Vanuatu, a beautiful untouched nation in the South Pacific.


Kit Homes Nauru

I wonder if the opportunity has ever crossed your mind to build your dream home along the scenic coastline of Nauru? Well, here at iBuild, we are currently experiencing a rising demand for modular and kit home varieties from nations in the South Pacific, one of these being Kit Homes Nauru.


Kit Homes PNG

Love living in Papua New Guinea? Looking to build your own home without breaking the bank?! iBuild has the solution for you!!


Kit Homes Fiji

On the back of attending The Building and Construction Mission, held by the Australian Trade and Investment Commission in Suva, Fiji, iBuild has gained major tractions in the journey of becoming a prominent supplier of Kit Homes Fiji.

Kit Homes Tonga

Kit Homes Tonga

Dreaming of having your very own home in tropic locations such as the scenic Tonga? At iBuild, we will make your dream, a reality! After experiencing a huge demand for our renowned kit homes and modular homes among the south pacific nations, we have scaled our operations and are now exporting kit homes to the popular destination, Tonga.

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