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Imagine owning a home in a country with a beautiful, untouched landscape comprised of alpine terrain, icy glaciers, a gorgeous coastline, a mix of traditional Maori Culture and sprawling metropolitan spaces all within an inclusive tight knit and family-like community. iBuild has a vast array of high quality, affordable designs to choose from and delivered to your chosen location so that the prospect of owning your own Kit Homes New Zealand becomes a reality.

In the past few years New Zealand saw heavy trends in real estate pricing boom due to increase in population growth and at iBuild we strive to provide a smooth and affordable transition into your new home. An iBuild Kit Home New Zealand allows you access to the benefits of New Zealand’s world renowned environment and relaxed lifestyle at an affordable price. Furthermore, iBuild’s Kit and Modular homes gives you the option to choose from a wide array of suitable designs tailored to your needs.

At iBuild we understand the importance of sustainability, our Kit Homes New Zealand are manufactured from sustainable materials that are recyclable and cost-effective. Our Kit Homes New Zealand are awarded with a minimum 6-star energy rating under the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme in Australia and our products are well insulated to deal with a variety of temperatures which strengthens the energy efficiency. iBuild’s Kit Home New Zealand designs are in line with Australian standards to sustain in natural disaster conditions, including cyclones, heavy winds, flooding, mudslides, tsunamis and earthquakes, and can come C4 cyclone rating approved – therefore making iBuild products a suitable housing solution for both the North and South islands of New Zealand.

At iBuild we endeavour to create value for our customers by producing products that are stronger, smarter, faster, and more affordable. We are pleased to design, manufacture, and ship our Kit Homes New Zealand  from Australia, providing you with high quality service.

If you have any further enquiries please contact us through the link above or read our FAQs on Kit Homes or Modular Homes. For additional information about our products please check out our knowledge base. Furthermore, you can contact us at or visit us one of our Open For Inspection events for a display tour and further information.

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